Net Promoter Score Case Studies

NPS is 2.7 times more sensitive than Customer Satisfaction 

To add to your business case, take a look at some of the success metrics seen by other businesses in Australia. One of our clients nib health funds has gathered data from their customer feedback programs that show NPS is a far more sensitive gauge of customer success than Customer Satisfaction

Volume AI: One of the few agencies implementing NPS 

In proving that NPS does work, some might say that it doesn’t work for all industries and all sizes of businesses.

I would like to refute this by sharing a case study on a British AI and digital innovation agency that proves that there are no wrong industries for NPS

As a small agency with tough competition, it has managed to come out on top through the powerful and effective implementation of NPS in their business. 

They’ve managed to achieve a score of +60 when major businesses such as Amazon score +76. 

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