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Case studies in Net Promoter Score, Marketing and Customer Feedback.

[Case Study] How AccessPay Lifted NPS from 15 to 50 in 2 Years

AccessPay is part of the listed company SmartGroup.

In December of 2019 the NPS for the group was 15. Mark Valana started in his new role as Customer Service Manager in September 2020.

Through consistent focus, individual and team action learn how he has lifted the score to 53, as of Q1 in 2022.

[Case Study] How Zip Water UK Lifted NPS from 5 to 73

In just three years Zip Water UK dramatically lifted their NPS from +2 to +73 by driving customer experience culture and relentlessly finding and correcting root cause issues for their customers.

In this case study we examine the reproducible steps and approaches they took to drive that change.

How Iron Mountain Doubled NPSⓇ Survey Response Rates

Iron Mountain doubled their NPS survey response rates with two simple changes to their survey invite.

In doing so they increased internal confidence in their analysis and internal engagement with the feedback process overall.

[Case Study] Net Promoter Score®: How Much and How Fast You Can Improve

This series of case studies provides NPS benchmarks on how much and how quickly companies can improve their score.

Converting NPS Data Into Business Initiatives [Manheim]

Manheim has excelled in driving positive business improvement based on the insights uncovered from their NPS data.

In just 18 months they have implemented 67 separate business improvement projects and have another 43 in progress. That’s 110 projects in just 18 months!

manheim case study

38 Net Promoter Score® Case Studies With Links to Business Value

Demonstrating the success of the Net Promoter Score methodology to skeptical senior management can sometimes be difficult. 

This is a summary of NPS case of case studies and references that are public domain to provide business case support for new projects.

Data Analysis Showing NPS® 1.5x More sensitive than CSAT

Analysis of Net Promoter Score® data at, then client, nib health funds, indicates that NPS is almost three times more sensitive at predicting customer churn than customer satisfaction. In addition, Detractors are 1.5 times more likely to terminate than Promoters.

nps sensitivity case study

How to Transparently Share Customer Feedback [nib and MYOB]

The idea of openly and transparently sharing live customer feedback often causes concern at all levels of the organisation.

However, implemented sensibly, complete transparency of customer feedback can be a key plank in the success of your transactional customer feedback process.

In this post two clients examine what you need to do to ensure success when sharing this information.

sharing customer feedback transparently

Carlson Restaurants Share Four Big Insights on Net Promoter Success

Carlson Restaurants operate some 900 restaurants globally and over the last few years have driven immense value from the Net Promoter process in the US. You may not immediately know the Carlson name but if you live in or have visited the US you will probably have spent time in one of their well-known TGI Fridays locations, I know I have.

Their  Vice President Business Planning at Carlson Restaurants Worldwide sat down with me to discuss how the organization has driven success in its business with the Net Promoter approach.


NPS Benefits for the Bottom Line and Beyond at Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific

One year after the implementation of their Net Promotor Program, WKAP has changed the way they do business for the better, with a clear positive impact on employee interactionscustomer satisfaction, and product development.

The correlation between NPS and Growth [Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific]

In this video, Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific staff, including the CFO/COO, discuss the links they have uncovered between Net Promoter Score data and key business metrics.

In this video, Wolters Kluwer Asia Pacific staff, including the CFO/COO, discuss the links they have uncovered between Net Promoter Score data and key business metrics.


LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Case Study

We break down the best way to create a scalable B2B lead generation process using LinkedIn. 

Includes two case studies on what can be achieved.

This is the exact same process we used to generate ongoing streams of leads for a client, a mature B2B SaaS vendor in a highly competitive niche, for just $16.76 per lead.

LinkedIn B2B lead generation

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