For over 20 years Genroe has been helping B2B organisations to listen more closely to their customers and generate actionable insights from that customer feedback.

High Value B2B Customer Feedback Services

B2C customer feedback techniques don’t work in a B2B setting.

A relatively small number of relatively high value customers with multiple stakeholders means you need a B2B specific approach.

Sending an email survey invite to your C-level contact is unlikely to generate useful feedback.

Occasionally, they’ll tick a few boxes.

Sometimes they’ll be offended.

Mostly their EA will simply delete your email.

None of which generates the insights you need.

Instead we use a mix of confidential face to face and telephone interviews to help your really understand what the key decision makers at your biggest clients are thinking.

Net Promoter Score Systems

With Monetized Net Promoter® technology and a powerful reporting suite, CustomerGauge automates survey delivery, routes powerful insights, prioritizes follow-up and monetizes your account base.

According to Forrester, CustomerGauge is the best B2B VoC platform on the market.

Their unique B2B tool set helps you predict potential customer churn and pro-actively retain high value customers.

Absolutely have loved working with Genroe & the CustomerGauge team. They have been very supportive, above and beyond compared to any other business I have ever worked with

David Schekoske
Iron Mountain

One of the Managing Directors, who is in his late 50s, said when we put CustomerGauge in his business: it’s the single most transformational thing he’s ever seen in his 30 years in leadership.

Jeff McLean

If you are passionate about delivering a best in class customer experience then unreservedly, I recommend you partner with Genroe and CustomerGauge.

Peter Perla

Voice of the Customer Program Rollout

With 20+ years of experience in all areas of B2B Voice of the Customer program design and implementation Genroe has the expertise to ensure your success.

Our best practice rollout process has helped many organisations drive more value by listening to their customers.

cx strategy

Customer Feedback Research and Insights

Design and execution of an effective B2B customer feedback process for your business.

lead generation services Australia

Major Project Win / Loss Feedback

Virtual CMO

Losing a big B2B opportunity is more than disappointing – it’s also expensive. 

You could just ask your client why you didn’t win, but they’re not likely to tell you the real reasons. Instead you’ll hear:

  • “price”
  • “you were a close second”
  • “there wasn’t much in it”

Not useful.

We run an extensive and confidential interview process with your ex-prospect to uncover the real reasons you lost so it doesn’t happen again.

Let's Talk Customer Feedback

Let’s chat about your business and what you’re looking to achieve in your customer feedback journey. 

No obligation. 

No pressure. 

Just honest to goodness advice.

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