CustomerGauge Net Promoter Score® Software

Net Promoter® Management Reporting and Analysis made Easy.

CustomerGauge is an end to end, integrated, Net Promoter Score system for data collection, reporting, analysis and action.

  • Start saving unhappy customers within hours of using CustomerGauge.
  • Uncover actionable customer loyalty insights within days of using CustomerGauge.
  • Generate deep understanding of customer loyalty drivers within weeks of using CustomerGauge.

If you want to use the Net Promoter Score process to drive customer loyalty in your organisation, CustomerGauge is a proven, fast and effective way to make it happen.

To find out more about how CustomerGauge can bring more success to your business book a free consult.

Net Promoter Score is a powerful customer feedback and change management system that has been used by organisations large and small to drive improvements in company profitability and customer focus.

In overview, CustomerGauge:

  • Plugs into your ecommerce, CRM or accounting system to automatically survey customers about their experience after they interact with you or on a regular basis.
  • Measures customer loyalty using the industry standard Net Promoter Score approach
  • Brings voice of customer feedback into your organisation and delivers understandable and actionable information for all staff
  • Delivers live results to internet based dashboards that can be used by all areas of the organisation to improve customer experience, retention and profit
  • Enables detailed root cause analysis of the customer experience to inform customer change management projects.
  • Provides real time service recovery tools that enable you to quickly deal with unhappy customers and turn them into promoters for your business.
  • Is simple to use, quick to implement
  • Does not require additional hardware or software needed as it is hosted in the cloud
  • Is multi-channel enabled so you can collect data via email, web kiosk, call centre, etc.
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