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Genroe is a Sydney based B2B content marketing agency who help SME sized organisations identify and capture new prospects through their websites.

Of course, writing and publishing content on the internet is easy: 4 million new blog posts a day can’t be wrong.

However, writing and publishing content that generates traffic from high value prospects and makes them want to contact you is not easy.

Fortunately, content marketing success is science, not luck or black magic, and you will be successful if you apply the science.

If you’re currently not successful it is almost certainly due to one of the barriers below.

The great news is we can help you overcome that barrier.

Which barrier are you facing?


Too Little Content and Traffic

Maybe your website has only the core pages and a raft of product or service offering descriptions. You don’t get many visitors and those that arrive leave without giving you their details.

The solution is creating the right content with the right incentives for visitors to leave their details


Lots of Content but little Traffic​

This is very common and typically arises from:

  1. Creating content on the wrong topics; or 
  2. Competing with websites who have much more authority.

Both issues can be solved by applying the right science.


Lots of Traffic but few Prospects

You should be aiming to convert, i.e. collect the details, of 2% of the visitors to your site.

If you’re not achieving that rate the issue is in your on-site incentives.


Lots of Prospects but the wrong kind

If you’re collecting lots of prospects but they are the wrong people or tire-kickers then your issue lies in your content.

You’re attracting the wrong Personas and you need to change your content.

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