We are a B2B PPC marketing agency who help companies capture and convert leads.

Our speciality is marketing complex, high-value products and services.

B2B PPC Advertising is Different to B2C PPC Advertising

In B2C world it’s common to search for “red shoes”, click through to a catalogue page and make a purchase.

But this almost never happens in the B2B sales process due to the longer and more detailed sales cycles involved. 

So while B2B social and Google paid advertising can work very well, it needs to be tuned and adapted.

We are a B2B PPC agency and specialise in generating good quality leads that can be nurtured and/or handed off your sales team.

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LinkedIn PPC Agency Services

LinkedIn is of course THE global business social network and so it’s natural to consider using LinkedIn advertising in your business.

And so you should.

It can be used very effectively to generate brand visibility and directly generate leads. 

LinkedIn allows you to target the right buyer personas at the right companies quickly and easily. If you do it right, every lead you collect will be pre-qualified.

We provide LinkedIn advertising campaign strategy, creative and landing page design, execution and management services.

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Facebook PPC Agency Services

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But Facebook is personal social network – there’s no point running B2B advertising there. 

Or is there!?!

Business people are, of course, also people and Facebook has lots of members who are people.

Facebook can be a great place for direct lead generation and brand building. It’s also substantially cheaper per lead than LinkedIn. 

You have to be more selective on which leads you pursue but that’s why we use lead scoring techniques and automate with tools like HubSpot.

We provide Facebook advertising campaign strategy, creative and landing page design, execution and management services.

Google Ads Agency Services

Google Ads is of course the oldest and best known of the Pay Per Click advertising services. 

It allows you to target people with ads as they are literally searching for what you sell. 

But it doesn’t allow you to target the right person or company.

As noted you’re not likely to sell to them immediately. In B2B sales you should be targeting the top end of the funnel and nurturing them into conversion.

We provide Google Ads campaign strategy, creative and landing page design, execution and management services.

Every change that we want, or any idea that we have, we can talk to Genroe and they will make it happen or do something to make it happen to the same effect.

Bernice McLeod

The Genroe team helped us develop the strategy, systems and execution to go to market. Genroe are a very professional and supportive partner. The methods, systems and project management practices all work well to keep the project on-track.

Mark Burgess
Burgess Systems Consulting

I had a proposal which I needed to present to the CEO of our group, who without speaking with Adam or anyone at Genroe said, “How long did you guys talk this is super detailed, this is exactly what we need, go ahead”.

Michael McGough
One by Llama

Frequently Asked PPC Questions

No, PPC is not dying – you just need to understand where it is most applicable. In B2B, PPC is most effective when generating early stage / top of the funnel leads that can then be nurtured to sales.


Be sure they understand that your complex B2B sales cycles isn’t aligned to “buy now”, bottom of the funnel, PPC campaigns.

And be sure they understand that getting the lead is just the start of a lead nurture, lead scoring and conversion process. 

Yes – applied correctly Google Ads is a good way to generate a stream of leads for your business.

However, you need to focus more on early stages in the buyers journey and less on so called purchase intent keywords.

Pay Per Click.

You pay for each time someone clicks on your advertisement.

It’s good because you only pay for people that clink on your advert but you need to ensure they convert when they arrive on your landing page.

Yes, if you use it correctly.

If you spend up big buying “bottom of the funnel” keywords in the belief it will lead to instant sales of your $20,000 system – you will be unhappy.

But if you target early sales stage, lower cost leads, and nurture them – you can be successful.

PPC is so important because it can be used to drive lead generation immediately. While Content Marketing works very effective long term, paid advertising works very effectively right now.

Let's Talk PPC Marketing

Let’s chat about your business and what you’re looking to achieve in terms of leads for your sales team. 

No obligation. 

No pressure. 

Just honest to goodness advice.

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