Genroe’s CX Consultancy has 20+ years of experience in all aspects of Customer Experience: research, analysis and and implementation. 

We help you generate more value faster from your CX transformation journey.

Absolutely have loved working with Genroe & the CustomerGauge team. They have been very supportive, above and beyond compared to any other business I have ever worked with

David Schekoske
Iron Mountain

I know one of the Managing Directors, who is in his late 50s, said when we put CustomerGauge in his business: it’s the single most transformational thing he’s ever seen in his 30 years in leadership.

Jeff McLean

If you are passionate about delivering a best in class customer experience then unreservedly, I recommend you partner with Genroe and CustomerGauge.

Peter Perla

Customer Experience Strategy

Like any other major business initiative, launching a successful Customer Experience change process requires the right strategy. Success does not start with a roll out plan. It starts with executive buy-in and a robust business case that creates an irresistible need to launch.

Our CX consultants will work with you to deliver:

Customer Journey Mapping

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Customer Journey Mapping outlines the steps of customer experience, from the customer’s perspective. With a good Customer Journey Map you can identify, understand and act on (improve) each aspect of the experience.

Our customer journey mapping services help you to uncover and map:

Customer Experience Governance

Critical to success is a solid governance process for your organisation.

CX Governance may not look as exciting as other parts of the process but you need great CX governance to have great CX outcomes.

Culture and Change Management

CX Transformation is a big change and it needs to be communicated effectively. If you don’t pro-actively manage the change, individuals and pockets of the organisation will resist reducing success and slowing time to value.

Our experienced Customer Experience consultants help you to design and launch a project management lead change process to:

Virtual CMO

CX Measurement Systems

If you want to manage it, first you need to measure it. Or so goes the saying.

So it is with CX.

As part of the CX initiative you need to implement systems to collect and manage information on the customer experience in real time. 

Genroe customer experience consultants can help you launch a system that’s best practice on day one.

Customer Experience Research and Insights

CX programs require a solid underpinning of ongoing customer experience research and identify the best opportunities for improvement.

Our CX data analysts help you to understand what customers actually think.

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Let's Talk Customer Experience

Let’s chat about your business and what you’re looking to achieve in your customer experience journey. 

No obligation. 

No pressure. 

Just honest to goodness advice.

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