Customer Experience Consultancy

Our CX Consultants all have 20+ years of experience in Customer Experience: research, analysis and implementation. 

Customer Experience Consulting

Since 2002, Genroe has been working alongside it’s CX clients: 

  • Helping them to understand deeply what’s important to their customers, 
  • Supporting them to drive that understanding deep into organisation; 
  • Building processes to diagnose root causes and makes changes to CX that lift revenue and drive out costs.

Every client’s needs are different so Genroe tailor a mix of proven approaches and core consulting approaches.

Genroe Client Customer Experience Case Studies

AccessPay Lifts NPS from 15 to 50 in 2 Years

AccessPay is part of the listed company SmartGroup.

Through consistent focus, individual and team action AccessPay improved their customer experience over a period of two yearsand in the process lifted NPS from 15 to 53 and reduced costs.

Zip Water UK Lifts NPS from 5 to 73

Zip Water UK is a part of global organisation Culligan Water.

In just three years Zip Water UK dramatically lifted their NPS from +2 to +73 by driving customer experience culture and relentlessly finding and correcting root cause issues for their customers.

Revving up CX: FleetPartners Transforming at Speed

In this case study, FleetPartners Head of Customer Experience, Mr Joe Mittiga, and Customer Experience Manager, Mr Adam Dalzell, discuss the initiatives making significant changes to transform and further improve their CX approach.

CyberCX’s Successful CX Program

In this case study, Tom Allan (COO) and Anita Chai (NPS Program Manager) at CyberCX share insights on how they successfully launched a robust, valuable, and profitable customer experience (CX) program using NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CustomerGauge.

Great Customer Experiences Drive Exceptional Business Value

The proof is in: companies that deliver better customer experiences generate more shareholder value.

From 2011 to 2021 a stock portfolio of companies with high CX generated a 26% annual return vs the “best mutual funds” return of just 19% per annum.

A study by Forrester Consulting found that a modest shift in customer experience generated:

  • 6.4% increase in upsell (new revenue)
  • Prevented 11.6% of churn (saving revenue)
  • Delivered word of mouth sales of 10.3% (new revenue)

(More examples linking customer experience to company revenue here  >>)

Improving the customer experience also drives down operating costs and improves company efficiency. 

Genroe client AccessPay lowered staff turnover and staff acquisition costs when they invested in better CX.

Macquarie Telecom found debtors days outstanding dropped as customer experience improved.

Another Forrester study showed operational efficiency improvements contributed 40% of the total value generated by improvements in customer experience.

It’s clear: there is substantial value in delivering a better experience for your customers.

The question is: how do you go about the difficult task of improving CX?

By partnering with Genroe, an organisation that’s done it many times before and who can guide you along a proven path to success.

CX Strategy Consulting

"B2B Companies that aligned their CX Program with their Customer Strategy experienced +12 NPS gain."

Like every major business initiative, launching a successful Customer Experience process requires the right strategy.

Success does not start with a roll out plan. It starts with executive buy-in, a robust business case that creates an irresistible need to launch and a strategy for success.

Genroe’s CX consultants work with you to create a Customer Experience Strategy that delivers:

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Customer Experience Governance Design

Critical to success is a solid CX governance process for your organisation.

CX Governance may not look as exciting as other parts of the process but you need great CX governance to have great CX outcomes.

Culture and Change Management

Customer Experience Transformation is a big change and it needs to be communicated effectively. 

If you don’t pro-actively manage the change, individuals and pockets of the organisation will resist, reducing success and slowing time to value.

Our experienced CX consultants help you to design and launch a project management lead change process to:

Case Study: Genroe client Wolters Kluwer’s internal video supporting CX culture change.

Customer Persona Development

Understanding your customer’s persona is at the cord of successful customer experience design. It’s beyond names and numbers to delve into the psychology of your customers, their behaviour, motivations, and the challenges they face.

By carefully crafting customer personas, we capture the essence of who your customers really are—their needs, gains, and the pains they wish to avoid.

A persona isn’t just a profile; it’s a blueprint that informs every touchpoint and interaction. It allows for the creation of experiences that resonate on a personal level, fostering deeper satisfaction and loyalty.

We engage directly with your customers, gleaning insights through one-on-one interviews and identifying the unspoken truths that surveys and focus groups might miss.

With Genroe’s expertise, we construct detailed personas that support targeted value propositions and experiences that don’t just satisfy but delight.

These personas are dynamic, reflecting the evolving nature of customer needs and expectations, enabling you to deliver consistently relevant and compelling experiences. This strategic alignment not only boosts customer contentment but also streamlines your operations, reducing costs and elevating efficiency.

One of the Managing Directors, who is in his late 50s, said when we put CustomerGauge in his business: it’s the single most transformational thing he’s ever seen in his 30 years in leadership.

Jeff McLean
COO & Director

Customer Journey Mapping

A robust Customer Journey Map is an indispensable tool for understanding all the customer interactions with your organisation.

It’s more than just a chart; it’s a strategic compass that captures the narrative of the customer’s experience—highlighting the pivotal moments that shape their perceptions, decisions and loyalty.

Our mapping process delves into the customer psyche, charting not only the operational steps but also the emotional highs and lows at each touchpoint.

We take an immersive approach, documenting the customer journey as a comprehensive story with rich detail about their needs and how they engage with your services and stakeholders at every touchpoint.

We prioritize high-value customers and focus on the high impact areas, identifying opportunities for incremental improvements and transforming experiences that resonate with customers.

By zeroing in on these critical interactions, we enable you to fine-tune your operations to deliver high customer satisfaction and drive down costs.

Genroe’s Customer Journey Mapping services help you to uncover and map:

A combination of street smarts as well as just an academic understanding of what NPS is all about. Genroe are passionate about it.

Customer Experience Technology Implementation

Genroe’s partnership with CustomerGauge propels our data-driven customer experience strategy.

We harness high-quality data capture and sophisticated analytics to not only understand but also predict customer needs.

Our tech stack, powered by CustomerGauge’s real-time feedback technology, is designed to close the loop with front-line responsiveness and enable executives to uncover growth opportunities within their customer base.

We blend this technology with our human touch to transform customer relations and drive superior business outcomes, always with an eye on fostering honesty, accountability, and best practices as core values.

This approach aligns with modern customer expectations, focusing on creating memorable experiences underpinned by a deep understanding of customer behaviour, tailored to generate sustainable growth and value.

Genroe customer experience consultants can help you launch a B2B CX management system that’s best practice on day one.

Customer Research, Analysis and Insights

Customer Experience programs require a solid underpinning of ongoing customer feedback, research and insights to identify the best opportunities for improvement.

Our customer survey design and analysis consultants help you to understand what customers actually think.

If you are planning on building out a successful CX program that is not just about NPS, then I recommend giving Adam at Genroe a call.

Tom Allan
Chief Operating Officer

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