Customer Feedback Forms

surveyCreating and delivering an effective customer feedback form to measure and understand what drives customer loyalty is critical to business growth. However, going about it incorrectly can actually drive down customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, draw invalid or incorrect conclusions and just plain waste time and money.

Hurting customer satisfaction even as you measure it

We’ve all been on the receiving end of poorly delivered customer feedback forms of one type or another. Have you ever thought at the end of such an experience: my time was wasted, they didn’t even know who I am, and they lied about how long it would take?

Customer service feedback surveys can and do change the way customers feel about your company: you need to make sure that customers are not less satisfied at the end of the survey.

Incorrect conclusions

As the saying does “lies, darn lies and statistics”. Analysing the results from a customer feedback survey is not as straight forward as it might seem. Just because the line on a chart goes up doesn’t mean that anything has changed in the customer’s mind.

Without the right statistical analysis you can draw the wrong conclusions from the data. This could easily lead you to do nothing when you should be reacting, or to do something when you should be leaving things alone.

Worst of all it could lead you to do the wrong thing at the wrong time driving down customer satisfaction.

Unclear conclusions

You’ve probably seen them before, 100 page reports with charts everywhere but when you get to the end of the report you don’t really know what it’s telling you.

The results and conclusions from the customer feedback questionnaire report should provide you with three or four clear areas of your business to work on. If you don’t have a very clear view of what you need to focus on then the report is not doing its job.

Getting a distorted view

If you’ve ever had a friend ask you how they look when you’re wearing a terrible outfit, then you know how hard it is to tell the truth to someone you know well. It’s the same for your customers.

If you ask them directly what they think of different aspects of your business then you may receive a distorted, and false, view of your performance.

Making sure that you get it right: Start with the right questions

No, we don’t mean the customer feedback survey form questions, we mean you need to start with the right business questions

  • Why are we doing this survey?
  • What will we do with the results?

Genroe’s first step is to talk with you to identify and confirm business drivers, user decision drivers, priorities and survey objectives. If these are not clear the rest of the process can be a waste of time.

What is important to your customers

To be effective you need to obtain customer feedback on areas of the business that are important to them. We use our 8 years of customer survey experience as the starting point for identifying what might important to your customers.

To that we add desk research, discussions you staff and interviews with your customers. We talk to your customers because it is common that internal company perceptions of which service attributes are important do not match with customer perceptions of what is important.

When customer service feeback survey questions are generated exclusively from in-house material and staff input this can easily lead to a customer survey that asks irrelevant questions and does not capture what really drives customer loyalty.

Customer interviews are be used to uncover the attributes that are potentially important to customers. Interviews are under taken with a range of customer roles to generate the list of attributes to be considered in the research.

The right customer feedback survey format: email, paper, face to face

There are plenty of cheap internet survey tools available but an internet survey might not the best approach for you and might give you customers the wrong impression.

Face to face interviews

We use face to face interviews for high value customer contacts. This approach creates the best rapport with the interviewee and gathers the largest amount of qualitative information from the customer feedback survey regarding the users’ perceptions and how to improve those perceptions.

Face to face interviews are performed by senior Genroe staff with appropriate business skills background to ensure that the tone and value of the survey is understood by the customer.

Telephone interviews

In the same way that face to face interviews provide excellent customer feedback from key staff, mid-importance customer contacts can be interviewed by telephone. These in-depth phone surveys usually last up to 30 minutes.

Our interviewers are trained to conduct in-depth surveys with high-level executives with your firm’s most important customers. These surveys are structured to provide solid, quantified data and have open-end questions, which are designed to elicit your customers’ true feelings about your services and products.

Internet Survey

Providing the ability to reach larger numbers of end users this approach provides solid quantitative outcomes for the scoring of various service elements but provides relatively less qualitative information.

The right analysis
Once the data is in, the analysis begins. Starting with the business goals and using the customer feedback survey responses we use the right statistical tools to uncover the most important information.

More important than all of the graphs and pretty charts is gaining a solid understand of what is important, what is not, where you are doing well and where you are doing poorly. At the end of the day your organisation needs to know the few key areas to focus on, not the 20 unimportant ones.

We map all of your customer feedback into an Importance/ Performance chart to help you to understand where to focus your attention for the maximum value.

Delivering your customer feedback program

We can help you to build and operate the right customer feedback program for your business.

Developing an Effective Customer Satisfaction Measurement Framework

Creating an effective process to measure customer satisfaction, capture customer feedback and delve into the drivers of customer loyalty is important for your business. The customer survey is just the start of the process. We also link the impact of customer satisfaction changes with improvements in business value to support business cases.

To start measuring customer satisfaction and customer loyalty give us a call today.

Listening to the Voice of the Customer (VOC)

Whether you want to perform an internal customer feedback survey or an external customer survey there are many ways to tap into the voice of the customers. Genroe helps you to really listen to what your customers are telling you through a range of techniques: face to face and telephone interviews, email and web questionnaires.

Customer loyalty survey design and development

Designing customer satisfaction and customer loyalty surveys is a complex task that is part science and part art. What are the best customer survey questions understand and improve customer loyalty? Genroe provides services in the effective survey design to improve completion rate and capture the right information.

Analyzing and interpreting customer satisfaction data

Its no longer enough to the simply capture customer satisfaction data and report it to management. Analysis and interpretation to understand and communicate the drivers of customer loyalty are critical to effective customer feedback surveys. Genroe provides data analysis and interpretation services to make the most of your data: existing and new.

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