Net Promoter Score Survey Questions

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Survey Questions

The idea seems too good to be true doesn’t it? That all you need is a number from your customers and you’ll be able to grow your business with customer loyalty. This statement includes a lot of important questions. One of those questions is how do you get this number from your customers in the first place?

If you can create a good survey, you will get more of your customers to provide you with this number. Let’s cover a few more of these important questions. 

Why is more Important than How 

Before you roll out an NPS program and create your survey questions, it is important that you get to the root of why you want to enforce an NPS program and what kind of outcome you hope for.

Ask various teams in your business and the higher level execs that will be involved in the NPS roll out “ We’re about to invest substantial resources and time in rolling out Net Promoter. Why?” Keep asking why until you get a good, in-depth answer. 

Goals are necessary for good survey questions. Without specific goals, your survey could end up having a split personality, with some questions for customer feedback, some for market research and some to determine buyer persona. This results in a survey that is too long and lacks focus. 

Perfect NPS Survey Design 

Some people think you only need one question for the perfect NPS survey, but this doesn’t work. And it’s not as simple as having the right number of questions. 

You want to make the surveys as short as possible to drive the response rate, but you need at least one more question to understand what drives the score to enable driver identification and then an open ended question that’s not compulsory so that people can be specific about why they have given you a good or bad score if they want to. 

In addition, to get comparable response rates, ie scores that you can use collaboratively to make measured decisions, you need to make consistent use of the same survey. 

Is your Net Promoter Score Survey Falsely inflating your NPS Score

Format, timing, position of the “would you recommend question” are all factors that can affect your NPS scores. Placing a series of leading questions before the “would you recommend” scoring question can skew the results in your favour. 

Our research and experience in this area has led to us using the following combination of and order of questions in transactional surveys to get the most truthful and useful responses 

  1. “Would recommend” question
  2. Why (qualitative response)
  3. Select themes – a list of checkbox themes that the customer selects to indicate which part of the service/product experience was the cause of their “why”.

Transactional surveys can also be skewed by the method of data collection can. If you’re getting the very member of staff that is being surveyed to deliver the questions, the customer may feel pressured to provide more positive feedback than they would otherwise, particularly in the qualitative ‘why?’ section of the survey. 

It may be tempting to remove the why questions altogether and place the weight of the survey on the number. Particularly since managing qualitative data makes the process much more challenging. However, qualitative feedback is vital in helping you to understand the context of the scores and how it adds value to the business. 

When creating NPS surveys, the forefront thought shouldn’t be, how can I frame the questions to elevate my score, but instead, how can I frame the questions to add the most value to my business. And by business, we mean customers.

net promoter score survey design
Net Promoter Score Survey Questions

The Perfect Net Promoter® Survey Design

“The one number you need to grow”: who’d have thought that such a simple statement would cause such a fuss. Some people actually believe that

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