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For over 40 years,  CCH Australia has been editing and publishing information resources relied upon by lawyers, accountants and others to help them provide advise for their clients. About 12 months ago, CCH decided to start using the Transactional Net Promoter process to help them drive change for their business.

CCH approached us, Genroe, to help them build and launch their program. As part of the launch, CCH implemented a range of organisational change management processes. Implementing organisational change and implementing a great data collection and analysis system is part of best practice Net Promoter implementation approach.

Best Practice Employee Engagement Video

The program has quickly taken root within CCH and they are progressing quickly in applying the feedback gathered. To support a wider employee engagement, CCH have prepared an excellent internal communication video that educates all staff on what has been achieved and what is still to be done.

CCH have agreed to allowed us to publish the link to this video which I think is a great example of how to really communicate the value of the approach to all members of the staff. Have a listen, and maybe you can see how a similar approach can be used in your own business.

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