Genroe holds a range of events and programs each year, including workshops, conferences, webinars and demonstrations across multiple locations. See what’s on and find out how you can get involved!

Events with recordings (webinars normally) are permanently left on this page so you can access those recordings after the event.

Webinar: Practical Survey Analysis in Excel


Excel is a very functional tool and it has the advantage of being on everyone’s desk. Remember that while there are many advanced statistical packages out there you don’t need them to perform a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your survey data.

In this one hour webinar we will share:

  • How to design your survey analysis plan
  • Generating simple statistics
  • Testing your response rate to ensure you have enough responses
  • Graphing your responses so that they inform not confuse the reader
  • Testing for significant changes in key variables
  • Uncovering the customer satisfaction drivers in your data
  • Prioritising your action plan

Webinar: Using Customer Feedback To Grow Sales

Customer feedback is often seen, at worst, as a compliance task and, at best, as a long term way to increase sales and customer retention. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes, the customer feedback process does drive long term customer loyalty and lifts revenue but you can also use the data in a much more immediate way.

Approached in the right way you can drive short term sales and we’ll explore how to do that in this practical webinar.

In this webinar we will share:

  • The only 3 levers you can use to increase profit
  • The famous company that says it doesn’t need feedback, but then collects it obsessively
  • How you must first prepare yourself to hear feedback
  • The 6 elements your survey must have.
  • The 4 elements you survey must never have.
  • The 4 ways to drive short term sales with customer feedback.

Webinar: The 9 Elements Your NPS® Report Must Have

how to calculate rolling value

About 3 minutes after your first customer feedback or Net Promoter survey goes out, management will be pounding the desk for a report with charts, analysis and recommendations.

The question is, apart from a simple chart of scores, what else should be included in your best practice Net Promoter reporting pack?

In this webinar, we’ll discuss

  • Dealing with small sample sizes
  • Why you shouldn’t focus on score
  • How to deal with scores that seem wrong.
  • How to reduce score begging
  • Exactly what to include in your report
  • And more.

Webinar: Most People Don’t Understand Sample Size

In this webinar we’ll be looking at what sample sizes really mean and provide practical advice on how to use information in your analysis and reports.

We will cover:

  • What sample size actually means
  • How you use it in your analysis
  • Simple Excel approaches to understand and test your data
  • How you compare NPS scores

Webinar: Using The 5 Whys Root Cause Analysis on Customer Feedback


5 Whys is one of the most commonly used quality system tools. It is a simple and methodical way to identify the root cause of an issue.

Why you apply it to Customer Feedback you can convert “interesting feedback” in to root causes and actions plans to drive improvement in your customer experience.

In this 30 minute webinar we will teach you how to use this high value Customer Feedback tool:

  • Defining The 5 Whys Approach – What exactly is The 5 Whys Approach?
  • Customer Feedback Application – How to apply The 5 Whys Approach for Customer Feedback with practical examples.
  • Is it really for me? – When should you use The 5 Whys Approach?
  • Q & A – Adam will address any questions or queries that you may have at the end of the session.