HubSpot CRM vs ZoHo CRM: The Free CRM Shoot Out

Download this detailed comparison between the free versions of Zoho and HubSpot 

In the search for the right Sales CRM, there are lots of options. In a recent post, I did a detailed HubSpot CRM review but here I’ll look at comparing Zoho Vs HubSpot CRMs.

HubSpot CRM and Zoho CRM are both good products, applicable to a range of mid-tier organisations. They provide an extensive range of features but at the free level, HubSpot CRM has the edge over Zoho in some key inclusions: user count, email integration, meeting scheduling, custom fields, task reminders and ease of use.

We’ve been using the Zoho CRM for a few years but made the switch over to HubSpot CRM a few months ago. So I’ve worked with both platforms and know them pretty well.

I've created a detailed spreadsheet containing a comparison between the free  features of Zoho and HubSpot CRM.Download it here. 

This post will compare the products as an active user. It will cover areas you only find out about after using a system for a few weeks or months.

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