[CX Tribe] 29 June 2021 – Big Data Vs Surveys + NPS is Dead (again!)

[CX Tribe] 29 June 2021 – Big Data Vs Surveys + NPS is Dead (again!)

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Adam Ramshaw
Adam Ramshaw has been helping companies to improve their Net Promoter® and Customer Feedback systems for more than 15 years. He is on a mission to stamp out ineffective processes and bad surveys.

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The Net Promoter Score era is Over. Enter the Brand Connectome [Link]

This piece on the Nasdaq site by Leslie Zane is an example of what I call the “NPS is Dead” genre. Typically they are long on criticism, short evidence, and often promote their alternative.

Leslie posits that “Just about everything” is wrong with NPS and you really should be using something called the Brand Connectome, which … she co-invented. There are several errors of logic in her arguments which, in my opinion, weaken her case.

I tried researching Brand Connectome to get an understanding of what it is and how it works but couldn’t find anything concrete.

Regardless though, I’ve never suggested NPS, or any other approach, is perfect, only that they are better than the alternatives, including doing nothing. 

Sure, wearing a seat belt is no guarantee that you won’t get hurt in a car accident but it makes your chances of walking away a whole lot better than not wearing one.

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Five tell-tale signs you’re not fully embracing the benefits of your customer experience team [Link]

Really nice summary of key indicators by Katie Stabler

Her signs are right on the money and a mental checklist everyone should apply to their own company – although I definitely come down on the Seinfeld side of the Seinfeld/Friends rivalry so her Friends reference was a little lost on me. 😊

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Six Leadership Strategies That Bring Out The Best In Your Employees [Link]

I seem to feature Shep Hyken a lot in this newsletter, but that’s only because says a lot of smart things.

In a recent Susan Drumm podcast he turned the interview table and coaxed her into revealing six ways leaders can bring out the best in their employees.  

It’s a great list and I’ll only provide one spoiler here: Walk The Talk.

If you don’t do it, don’t expect others to do it.

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Modelling customer satisfaction and loyalty: survey data versus data mining [Link]

For all the surveys I’ve designed and helped clients to send (there have been millions), if I could get the data another way, I’d be happy. This research by Australian academics Chris Baumann, Greg Elliott and Suzan Burton investigates if that’s possible.

In it they compare two customer loyalty prediction models for a bank:

  1. Employing demographic and recent customer behaviour data
  2. Employing survey feedback data

The first explained only 8.4% of loyalty variation. The second, using survey feedback, was able to explain 56.9% of loyalty variation. 

The research has other findings but this is the headline for me. There are some small tweaks to the research design that would be nice, e.g. they use self reported loyalty rather than behavioural loyalty. But overall, it’s an important finding.

It shows that, unfortunately, Big Data is not going to replace the humble customer feedback survey anytime soon.