[CX Tribe] 21 September 2021 – Customer Rooms + Who Owns CX?

[CX Tribe] 21 September 2021 – Customer Rooms + Who Owns CX?

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I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father and President of the United States

Let’s make some more luck. 

[Best Practice]
Customer Rooms – A Way to Help Drive Company Engagement in CX

Jeanne Bliss recently shared the idea of Customer Rooms as a way to bring to life the customer journey and action on customer experience in an organisation.

I’ve certainly seen this type of “war-room” for projects and strategic foci before and this looks like a good extension to the idea.

The only suggestion I’d make would be to convert it to a virtual Customer Room. Creating a physical space is great for local employees but not so great for those physically remote – even those just in another part of the same building.

On the other hand, a Virtual Customer room enables the organisation to share learnings and drive engagement wherever employees are across the organisation.

[Data Analysis]
Beware of Cognitive Biases in Responses and Analysis

Greg Kihlstrom provides a nice reminder of cognitive biases, and how they impact CX, in this piece on Forbes: How Cognitive Biases Can Create A Negative Customer Experience.

He covers several common biases and why they make it difficult to move the needle on CX perception for existing clients. 

It’s useful to remember that customers are not thermometers and so customer feedback data is messy and inconsistent and, depending on your perspective, occasionally irrational, but that doesn’t make it worthless. It just means you have to be tolerant of that reality in your analysis and interventions.

[Organisational Structure]
Should the CXO (Customer Experience Officer) or CMO Own CX?

Of course, this is a trick question: everyone in the organisation owns CX. 

But I have seen a couple of posts recently that promote either CXO or CMO in this role of owning CX – who reports to whom, who should “gain command” of the CX!

Customers don’t care about internal politics or which C controls which other C – they vote with their money based on the overall customer experience, including product/service functionality.

Success in CX requires all areas of the business to work together to identify and solve problems.

Great CX leaders focus on customers, not whether they have the largest corner office.

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