[CX Tribe] 27 April 2021: Amazon Secrets + Moving from CSAT to NPS

[CX Tribe] 27 April 2021: Amazon Secrets + Moving from CSAT to NPS

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This week’s quote is below by Jeff Bezos of Amazon (do I even need to add “of Amazon”?).

[CX Books]
What’s your Favourite CX Related Book?

I’m putting together a reading list for anyone new, and not so new, to the world of customer experience.

Help people new to the industry by replying and letting me know your favourite title.

[Acting on Feedback]
What Effortless Office Learned When They Went From CSAT to NPS [Link]

Here’s a good question:

We just lost an account. No warning. No signals. Just gone. How did we not see this coming?

No, it’s not hypothetical and it’s not rhetorical. Leif Cederblom’s CEO really wanted an actual answer.

This great interview / post shows how Effortless Office’s 98.4% CSAT feedback score completely missed a client preparing to leave and how they moved to a relationship style NPS process to prevent it happening again in the future.

Relationship style NPS surveys have been shown to give a 3-6 month warning on B2B customer churn.

Disclosure: we’re a CustomerGauge partner here in Australia and New Zealand but, honestly, I’d recommend this post either way.

[Customer Retention]
Customer Churn Prediction Approaches For B2B and B2C Industries [Link]

In 2001 when I co-founded Genroe our focus was almost exclusively helping clients with their customer retention strategy and execution. A big part of customer retention is customer churn prediction: identifying customers who might churn and intervening to prevent it.

In the time since, the number of subscription style services has exploded and the need to predict and act on customer churn has become even more important.

In this post I review why customer churn prediction is important and how to go about it for both B2B and B2C companies.

[Amazon Secrets]
The Bezos doctrine of ruthless pragmatism [Link]

Published in 2012 this article is positively ancient in internet terms but it’s also gold and still 100% relevant.

This is my favourite quote:

“It’s already too late by the time you’re doing customer service. The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works.”

Amazon has invested heavily in kaizen – the discipline of continuous improvement pioneered by Taiichi Ohno that went on to become the Toyota manufacturing system.

Kaizen in all its forms (Lean Manufacturing, TQM, Toyota Manufacturing System, 6 Sigma) is the #1 untapped resource for building better customer experiences.

[Customer Reviews]
How to Use NPS® Surveys to Generate Customer Reviews? [Link]

If I could magically tag your customer database to show which customers were most likely to write great online reviews would you find that useful?

Of course you would. And the very first thing you’d do is create a marketing campaign to do just that.

Your transactional NPS program is doing that tagging without any magic.

So, are you using it to generate more positive online reviews? 

If not here’s a post explaining the process and options in detail: How to use customer feedback in the on-line review wars