[CX Tribe] 6 April: Disney CX Insights + CV Best Practices

[CX Tribe] 6 April: Disney CX Insights + CV Best Practices

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“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” — Thomas Edison, co-founder of General Electric.

My version of this is “The last 1% is the only part that counts”. 

We often spend so much effort planning, discussing, designing, implementing, doing and redoing. We’re waiting until it’s perfect to launch. The problem is nothing happens, no learning, no sales, no improvement until you actually do that last 1% and turn it on. 

[Best Practice]
How Disney Knocks it Out of The Park With an Excellent Customer Experience (And How You Can Too)

Ellen Christenberry from Sharpen (a cloud-native contact center platform) dives into the famous Disney CX and provides 5 key lessons that every company can apply.

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[Virtual Event]
2021 Virtual Summit for Workforce Management (April 5-27, 2021)

If you have an interest in workforce management this is a good event to attend.

A virtual conference, run over 3 weeks with 4 hours of sessions each day, all recorded. That’s a massive 68 hours of content for you to pick and mix as you need.

Run by the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals but open to all – non-member prices are higher but still within most budgets.

[CX Tools]
The Best Customer Feedback Tools for Small Business

Of course, we know that every business needs to collect and use customer feedback but small businesses often think they don’t. Partly because the technology learning curve can be quite steep.

This is a good list of the customer feedback tools that are appropriate for smaller businesses along with some decision criteria to make final selection easier.

How to Optimize Your CV for a Customer Success Manager Career

For those looking to brush up their CV this provides some good insights for the CX / Customer Success area. Also applicable to your LinkedIn profile.

This Week’s Pick of Customer Experience Career Opportunities