CX Tribe: 9 March 2021

CX Tribe: 9 March 2021

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Adam Ramshaw
Adam Ramshaw has been helping companies to improve their Net Promoter® and Customer Feedback systems for more than 15 years. He is on a mission to stamp out ineffective processes and bad surveys.

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“Always deliver more than expected” – Larry Page, Co-Founder of Google.

Pretty hard to argue with that.


The Only Call Center Agent Performance Metrics You’ll Ever Need

Fonolo says agents should be goaled on Agent Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score and Customer Effort Score. 

They are wrong in two ways:

1. It’s not fair to goal front line staff on CSAT, NPS or CES.

It may seem a great way to encourage fabulous customer service but in practice front line agents have very little ability to influence any of these metrics. The elements that actually impact on the metrics (pricing, refund policies, staff training, staff levels/wait times, product features, etc) are completely out of their control. 

I wrote an entire article on why this is a bad approach and better ways to do it: It’s time to stop giving people Net Promoter Score® targets

2. Goaling on multiple “scores” stops progress.

Intuitively, more scores means more information and so must be better. 

In practice it stops progress because staff spend all their time comparing scores: why did this go up but not the other two, which one is most important, etc. 

Analysis paralysis kicks in.

It’s much more effective to track one metric and spend the time working out how to improve it.

Which one? I’d suggest NPS but whichever you pick, pick just one.

[Case Study]

Feature requests and how a feedback-driven SaaS company handles them

Great case study + best practice article by SaaS feedback company usersnap. It outlines their approach, and success, in collecting, prioritising and acting on user feature suggestions.

Not just applicable to SaaS businesses. How could you apply the same thinking in your company?

[Case Study]

Six Customer Experience Lessons You Can Learn From Netflix

Distilling great CX lessons through a Netflix lens. 

None of them are new to those of us in CX but they are good reminders of how relentlessly customer focused organisation reinvents itself to stay relevant and win big. 

Remember, Netflix started out competing with Blockbuster in the DVD rental market!


Conversational AI improves efficiency but not CX in Asia

Just because it’s more efficient doesn’t mean it’s better. Forrester identified that surveyed companies found Chatbots (80%) and virtual assistants (75%) actually resulted in poorer customer experiences during the pandemic.