CX Tribe for 23 February 2021

CX Tribe for 23 February 2021

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B2B Customer Retention Strategies that Work

Research background: Academic research into high value (USD10,000 to USD100,000 p.a.) B2B maintenance agreements.

This post reviews some very practical recent research that uncovers how you can easily detect B2B customers that are getting ready to defect, with 3-6 months of lead time. It also includes a practical way to use this information to prevent churn.

Blaze 2021 Global Customer Engagement Review

Research background: 1,300 B2C decision makers, sponsored by Blaze, a customer engagement platform

Not unexpectedly, this is a little self serving and with, yet another, proprietary index to which you should aspire. However, it has some interesting CX insights. Chief amongst them, it’s difficult to translate CX metrics into business outcomes. No surprise here. “74% [of marketers] still worry their metrics don’t translate into tangible business outcomes.”

Jeff Bezos’s Success at Amazon is Down to One Thing: Focusing on the Customer

Amazon’s customer focus is legendary. This opinion piece delves into some of the ways that Jeff Bezo’s converted that idea into practical application. Of course, some of the approaches are a bit impractical unless you’re the CEO, but there are other ideas anyone can adopt.

Microsoft Allows Brands to Create Their Own “Custom Synthetic Voices”
Tired of those impersonal, standard synthetic voices in your text to speech customer service applications! Help is at hand with a new Microsoft offering allowing companies to create custom branded voices. See here for case study information.