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Organisations, of even moderate size, are complex interacting groups of internal stakeholders and customers. And it’s not uncommon that no-one in the organisation has a clear and accurate understanding of exactly what a customer goes through in their relationship with the company.

This is a problem because before the customer experience can be improved, it must be understood.

Customer Journey Mapping is a methodology to map the steps of customer experience, from the customer’s perspective, so you can identify and act on (improve) each aspect of the experience.

Uses and Benefits

The benefits of customer journey mapping are many including:

Providing a consistent understanding

The mapping process ensures that everyone on the business has the same understanding of the customer experience. It is very common to find different groups having different interpretations of the same customer experience.

Mapping the touch-points

Touch-points are the key company/customer interactions that occur. In the Transactional Net Promoter Score process touch-points are critical. By measuring NPS at the important touch-points it is possible to quickly and accurately prioritise areas that will benefit from improvement

Identify Opportunities

With a clear view of the overall customer journey organisations can identify opportunities for efficiency improvement and cost reductions for the business.

Types of Map

There are many different forms of customer journey maps; some focus on the marketing cycle, some are really user experience maps (software design maps) and there are others.

At Genroe we use the Customer Journey Mapping in our Best Practice Net Promoter Score Implementation process but it is also used in our general consulting practice.

In this format the map becomes the guide for which touch-point should, and can, be tracked in the customer life-cycle.

At Genroe we typically map out the trackable elements of the customer experience and include some internal processes. This allows clients to easily apply the Customer Journey Map information to the design of the transactional customer feedback data collection process.

Our Services

We delivery Customer Journey Mapping services in the following ways:

  1. Best Practice Net Promoter Score Implementation Process
  2. Stand-alone: we also provide facilitated workshops to help to quickly and efficiently build a map for your organisation.

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