Customer Experience Management Implementation

customer-experience-managementClients use our customer experience management services to design and implement customer experiences that increase customer loyalty and business profitability.

Our customer experience management approach combines continuous improvement tools and transactional customer feedback processes. The feedback is used to diagnose the most important areas for change and the continuous improvement tools are used to identify the corrective action required.

This allows you to identify the highest priority areas for change where they can make the most impact, most quickly. This is a low business risk approach.

This is as opposed to a monolithic change approach where there is a very large pre-design effort looking to redesign large areas of the customer experience. This risks investing in areas that will not contribute substantial to experience improvements. It also brings with it and long project cycles that add risk to the entire process.

Our approach is outlined in more detail in these two posts:

Typical customer experience management tasks include:

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Maps or Customer Experience Maps are an important design and communications tools. They allow everyone in the organisation to clearly understand the steps in the customer journey and take appropriate actions.

Learn more about: Customer Journey Mapping

Identify The Drivers of Loyalty

Which elements of the customer experience really drives customer loyalty?

We use a variety of tools to understand which customer experiences drive customer loyalty. The tools include transactional Net Promoter Score and advanced analysis of existing customer survey and profitability data.

Root Cause Analysis and Action Training

Turning customer feedback into action is difficult. Sure some responses are easy to fix but once those ones are done, it gets hard.

Genroe has seen first-hand that the biggest issue customer experience programs face is not collecting data. It is identifying and acting on the root causes of customer pleasure or displeasure.

Learn more about Root Cause Analysis and Action Training.


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