Audit Your Customer Feedback forms

No-one wants to hurt customer satisfaction. The trouble is that poorly worded customer feedback surveys can do just that.

All the good intentions in the world may come to nothing if the customer feedback form itself produces a poor customer experience. In fact if your customer feedback questionnaire is not phrased correctly the results that you receive can be misleading and even downright incorrect.

It’s not as easy as it seems

The problem is that building a good survey and survey process is not nearly as simple as it seems. Even worse is that the time that poorly constructed customer feedback survey questions are uncovered is when you start to do the analysis. Then it’s too late and you’ve wasted a substantial amount of time and money.

2 easy ways to audit your survey

There are two ways we offer to help you audit your customer feedback survey:

1. Use our Customer feedback survey audit service.

Contact us now and request our Customer Feedback Survey Audit. This service provides a comprehensive review of your survey. The we provide you with detailed feedback to ensure that you have the most effective survey.

For more information see this page: Customer feedback survey audit

2. Audit your survey yourself, for free.

We have documented the 10 most common mistakes that people make when creating a survey and covered them in this free whitepaper download. Simply download the whitepaper on the right and review each point against your survey. It’s as easy as that.

Download this whitepaper: 10 Mistakes People Make When Running Customer Surveys

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