High Value B2B Customer Feedback Services

Actionable Customer Insights From Senior Executives at Your Largest Clients

Designed for Business to Business organisations with high value clients (up to millions of dollars) that need to understand what their customers value the most and how well they are delivering that value.

The primary deliverable is actionable insights into what really drives customer loyalty.

In our report you will see the importance of each customer loyalty driver plotted against how well you deliver that driver.

The resulting Important/Performance chart identifies where to focus your efforts for the maximum business return.

Once you know where to focus your efforts use the open-ended responses from the customer interviews to understand how to improve.

Customer Feedback Process

This specialist feedback process has four steps:


Step 1: Confirm objectives

We liaise with your key management to identify and confirm business drivers, customer decision drivers, priorities and survey objectives.


Step 2: Identify Potential Loyalty Drivers

Desk research and discussions with your project staff are used to identify potential loyalty drivers.

Two primary sources are used:

  • General product / service oriented questions (e.g. responsiveness) and
  • Company specific questions focused on your products and services

Qualitative Interviews

Generally, internal perceptions of which service attributes are important to customers do not match with customer perceptions of what is important.

When customer survey questions are generated exclusively from in-house material it can lead to a customer survey with irrelevant questions that does not capture what really drives customer loyalty.

So, in addition to the desk research, qualitative (partially scripted) customer interviews can be used to uncover the attributes that are potentially important to customers.

Telephone interviews are undertaken with a range of customer roles to generate the list of attributes to be considered in the research.

The result of this process is a list of well defined attributes (perhaps 15) that are potentially important to your customers.


Step 3: Measure Loyalty and Driver Performance

Genroe create the survey instrument based on the feedback from the qualitative interviews and/or desk research.

The questionnaire is then reviewed and approved by you.

Through a combination of on-line, telephone and face to face interviews Genroe will deliver the customer survey.

(Optional) Face to face interviews

Genroe suggests the use of face to face interviews for high value customer contacts.

This approach creates the best rapport with the interviewee and gathers the largest amount of qualitative information regarding the users’ perceptions and how to improve those perceptions.

Face to face interviews are performed by senior Genroe staff with appropriate business skills background to ensure that the tone and value of the survey is understood by the customer.

(Optional) Telephone interviews

Mid-importance customer contacts can be interviewed by telephone. These in-depth phone surveys usually last up to 30 minutes.

Our interviewers are trained to conduct in-depth surveys with high-level executives of your firm’s most important customers.

These surveys are structured to provide solid, quantified data and have open-end questions, which are designed to elicit your customers’ true feelings about your services and products.

(Included) Internet Survey

Providing the ability to reach larger numbers of end users at a low cost, this approach provides solid quantitative outcomes for the scoring of various service elements but provides relatively less qualitative information.


Step 4: Report

Genroe collate and analyse the information collected in the interview process with our recommendations into a report.

The report typically includes:

  • Importance/Performance chart: highlighting those areas of the business which are of high importance to customers but delivered poorly by the organisation.
  • Key Drivers of Net Promoter Score: what are the key service and product attributes that are driving customer loyalty.
  • Detailed qualitative feedback: Dozens, sometimes hundreds, of pages of detailed qualitative feedback from C-level client contacts.
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