Business to Business Customer Feedback Services

When your customers are businesses, the wrong customer feedback process can do more harm than good. 

We help you run a Voice of the Customer process that collects actionable customer feedback through a positive customer experience.

High Value B2B Customer Feedback

For Business to Business organisations with a relatively small number of very important customers.

Sending email surveys to C-level client contacts is unlikely to provide you with useful feedback.

Occasionally, they’ll tick the boxes of your survey.

Mostly their EA will delete your survey invite.

Sometimes they’ll even be offended.

We help you to understand what the key decision makers at your biggest clients are really thinking.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter is excellent in B2B applications

If you are looking to implement NPS then our Net Promoter Score practice will help you deliver a process that not only collects scores but also makes them actionable in for your business.

A combination of services and, where applicable, software systems will support you in the development and roll-out of this powerful business improvement methodology.

Customer Feedback Survey Audit

Poorly worded customer survey questions can destroy the effectiveness of the customer feedback process and produce a poor customer experience.

In fact if the questions in your customer survey are not phrased correctly the results that you receive can be misleading and even downright incorrect.

Won / Lost / Abandoned Interviews and Reporting

Turn lost sales into future wins by understanding why you lost

You’ve lost a big opportunity.

That’s bad enough but if you don’t know exactly why you lost you’re destined to repeat the same mistakes.

You could ask your client directly but they’re not likely to tell you the real reasons.

You’ll probably just get:

  • “price”
  • “you were a close second”
  • “there wasn’t much in it”

Not useful. 

We uncover the real reasons.

Customer Feedback Process Success Diagnostic

Un-happy with your customer feedback program ROI ?

You’re not alone.

Smart companies drive real business value through collecting and using customer feedback In fact they become renowned for it.

Others just waste time and effort.

This diagnostic identifies what you need to do to have a Zappos or Apple-like focus on your customers.

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