Russell Evans

So I came across Genroe about 6 months before I joined Wolters Kluwer. I meet up with Adam and I guess from that point all the way through to now, five and a half years later I have been impressed with the pragmatic approach of Genroe.

A combination of street smarts as well as just an academic understanding of what NPS is all about. Genroe are passionate about it. They live and breathe it and they can share case studies. We have learnt along the way. We think we have also shared some of our learnings back with Genroe.

I think it’s that pragmatic approach. Being able to be flexible and working with a product like CustomerGauge and helping to fine tune that into an organisation like ours. So rather than one model fits all, really tailoring it to make sure that we got the best out of the program and continue to learn along the way.

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