Michael Bray

GraysOnline has 2.3m customers and Genroe was a perfect partner to help us gain insights from our customers on what we can improve to make the GraysOnline experience better.

Genroe’s ability to be hands on with all areas of our business, guide each area of our business through the steps of introducing NPS into our BAU through outstanding communication, was their greatest strength.

We have now launched NPS, we do feel like we are still at the bottom of the mountain in terms of NPS being an effective tool to improve our business and not just be a one off project, however, having Genroe as a genuine partner of our business, gives us comfort that we can climb the mountain one step at a time, ultimately, including NPS being a BAU tool.

And this is the reason why we would recommend Genroe to any business that is looking to understand their customers more but feels like the mountain is too steep to tackle it themselves.

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