We provide sales enablement services to Australian and New Zealand B2B organisations wanting to improve their sales team efficiency and effectiveness.

Our speciality is complex, high-value, long sales lead time, products and services.

B2B Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the technology, processes, and content that empower sales teams to sell efficiently at a higher velocity
Put simply: Sales enablement allows you to sell more with the same number of sales staff.

What Problems does Sales Enablement Solve?

Efficiency and Effectiveness are the two problems sales enablement solves.

Efficiency comes from automating and streamlining common sales tasks so sales staff spend more time with prospects and less time on administration.

Effectiveness is achieved by equipping all sales staff with the collateral and resources of the best sales person in your organisation and mean every salesperson sell more in the same amount of time.

If these issues are familiar, sales enablement can assist:

  • The sales team spend too much time on administration; they need to spend more time selling
  • We have good lead volumes but don’t manage them properly and our hot leads end up going cold
  • We have good lead volumes but they don’t convert at the rate we would like or take way too long to convert
  • The performance of our best and worst sales staff is vastly different

Sales Processes: defining and documenting your sales processes

We work with your team to define your best sales process and document it so everyone is operating at maximum effectiveness.

We help you review your process and identify discontinuities and opportunities for improvement.

This will often include:

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Sales content: creating and maintaining the sales content library

This is the playbook of content the sales team use at each stage of the buyer’s journey and ensures that everyone is working with the most effective content at all times.

This includes:

  • Email templates and sequences
  • Customer case studies
  • Whitepapers and ebooks
  • Product demo decks (as applicable)
  • Pricing and discount information

Content libraries can be hosted in Google Docs or a CRM. Times change and content that was relevant to buyers just a few years ago may not perform as well today. Keeping the document library up to date is a crucial step to enabling sales team success.

Sales Automation

Modern CRMs allow organisations of almost any size to automate much of the administration in the sales process.

More importantly, implemented correctly, they support consistent sales processes without the need for bulky and quickly outdated sales processes documents.

Sales automation services include:

  • Integrating hand-off from marketing to sales
  • Encoding your sales processes in a technology platform
  • Automating repetitive sales tasks like follow up and prospecting emails
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lead generation services Australia

Sales Reporting

Reporting is a critical business process and allows sales staff and their managers to track progress.

But sales reporting often fails because staff don’t adhere to updating the data. In a good sales enablement process, reporting becomes a by-product of the process, and requires no additional effort.

Sales reporting services include:

  • Defining what should be reported and creating those reports
  • Configuring the CRM to to support the reports

Absolutely have loved working with Genroe & the CustomerGauge team. They have been very supportive, above and beyond compared to any other business I have ever worked with

David Schekoske
Iron Mountain

The Genroe team helped us develop the strategy, systems and execution to go to market. Genroe are a very professional and supportive partner. The methods, systems and project management practices all work well to keep the project on-track.

Mark Burgess
Burgess Systems Consulting

I had a proposal which I needed to present to the CEO of our group, who without speaking with Adam or anyone at Genroe said, “How long did you guys talk this is super detailed, this is exactly what we need, go ahead”.

Michael McGough
One by Llama

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