Speaker Profile: Adam Ramshaw

Adam is widely respected on the international and domestic speaking circuit for his expertise in customer strategy, Net Promoter®, customer feedback management, data analysis and customer-driven financial modelling.

Possessing more than twenty years of experience in senior executive roles with global and Australian organizations. He is a natural strategist and has developed a deep knowledge of customer, financial and data analysis.

Areas of Expertise

The Net Promoter Score®

Adam has substantial experience in NPS implementation, and started helping clients to use Net Promoter Score way back in 2004. Knowing the best way to implement NPS in real businesses is the knowledge and skill Adam can bring to your project.

Adam has helped dozens of companies be successfully launch Net Promoter in their organisation via his Best Practice Net Promoter Score Implementation process.

Customer Experience & Loyalty Management

Adam understands the relationship between Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty – Clients have used Adam’s customer experience management services to design and implement customer experiences that increase customer loyalty and business profitability.

He has developed an effective approach that allows you to identify the highest priority areas for change that can make the most impact, most quickly.

Customer Feedback

Understanding the customer is not an easy task – far from it. Thankfully Adam has over a decade of expertise in understanding and implementing the most effective strategies and processes to help you tap into the minds of your customers and understand what they really think.

Potential Topics

It is important that we speak with you before your event and target the presentation to your needs ut here are a few recent examples

  • The 9 Secrets of Successful Customer Feedback and Action Programs
  • Translating customer feedback into organisational action
  • The Business Leaders’ Practical Guide to Implementing Net Promoter
  • 4 Steps to Great Customer Experience Management
  • Using 5 Whys Root Cause Analysis on Customer Feedback
  • What is Customer Experience and why would you care?


“Adam provided us with an approach and thought leadership through this period that has proven to be invaluable. Adam generously shared his knowledge but was willing to learn with us as we explored new territory.”

Jacki Johnson
CEO The Buzz Insurance
A member of the Insurance Australia Group

“…[Adam] has added value to our business by truly seeking to understand our needs and providing us with tangible practical solutions”

Renee Farnham
Customer and Market Insights Manager
nib Health Funds

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