John Moss from MYOB speaks about working with Genroe

Recently John Moss (Chief Strategy Officer at MYOB) sat down to discuss his experience working with Genroe to launch their Net Promoter program.



What was the reason that you brought Genroe into the organisation?

So at MYOB I guess we’ve done some research around customer loyalty and recognised that it is a driver of value for the business. And we want to ensure that we could capture that. We measured satisfaction for a period of time and weren’t really using that to drive business outcomes.

So we looked around; we looked at a number of different firms that could help us with the customer loyalty and the net-promoter score journey. And I came across Genroe obviously as with most of these projects, went through a process to evaluate the individuals in the firm, and chose Genroe to help us. And so it really was to help us strengthen our understanding about client loyalty and net-promoter score, and help us implement a system to take advantage of that in our business.

What was it like to work with Genroe throughout the project?

Very good engagement, you know, really good workshops starting at the exec level and sort of working down to the various sort of working groups across the teams. Very seamless process as well, so working with Genroe and CustomerGauge back in the Netherlands, you know, a very simple process. And we got up and running very quickly.

What were the outcomes or benefits at the end of the project?

So I think they’re still ongoing. The reality is customer loyalty doesn’t stop. It’s a continuous journey. I guess for us the initial thing is visibility and so whilst we understood some elements around our client satisfaction, we didn’t truly understand the root cause behind some of those things.

So the initial thing is just getting data, and just seeing what our clients are telling us, how they’re responding to the survey, what they’re feeling after the touch points. And so that was the first piece, just getting the data, getting the team to understand where the data’s coming from, what’s driving those.

And now, sort of 12 months in, it’s really how do we take advantage of that and put that aggregate data in that time period to drive fundamental change in the business. And I guess we just started our journey now, you know, clearly we look to drive benefits and drive the value we expected to see from loyalty even more as we go forward. Probably a bit too early to tell in that respect.

Why would you recommend Genroe?

I guess from our perspective a couple of things. We obviously went through the process trying to evaluate the various competing vendors to provide the services. We liked Genroe because we felt the approach was right for us. We felt it was a good match culturally between the two organisations. And we felt they knew what they were talking about.

And so it very much comes down to the individuals that you work with. We had a very engaging process. We got the outcomes we were looking for. We got implemented very quickly. And the relationship has continued over the last 12 months, to ensure that we keep being sort of pushed and prodded to learn more about our client loyalty, and to drive change. So, for me, it’s around the continued relationship and drive to improve our client loyalty, and just the sheer knowledge and experience in the Genroe team.

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