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A customer saved is a customer earned — actually a saved customer can be worth up to five new customers! One of the simplest ways of increasing customer profitability is to simply increase customer retention.

In fact, Increasing customer retention by just one or two percent can have a dramatic impact on the overall profitability of your business base.

Most organizations know that improving customer retention is a good idea but the difficulty is often how to structure, fund and implement a customer retention program. We offer services to help you to design and implement effective customer retention programs.

We have developed customer retention tools that can estimate the value of improved customer retention to your bottom line and support the justification of different types of retention programmes. That means that you can determine exactly how much you should invest in various customers to optimise their value.

We work with you to apply proven customer retention strategies to your business, get funding and coach you in their implementation.

We can mix and match a program tailored to your business from the following elements:

Customer Retention Kick Start Program

This high impact, practical program gives you the knowledge to start generating customer retention returns today.

The Customer Retention Kick Start is a high level assessment and action plan that delivers high impact customer retention initiatives that you can implement right now to drive higher bottom line returns.

Read more: Customer Retention Kick Start Program

Customer Retention Measurement Workshop

This workshop teaches you how to value on customer retention in your organization.

We all know that a customer saved is a customer earned – the reality is that a customer saved can be worth up to five new customers. The question is how do you measure how many customers you’ve saved and how much they are worth?

In this practical, interactive workshop we teach you how to measure and use customer retention information to improve the bottom line.

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Strategy identification and implementation roadmaps

Identify the most effective customer retention strategies for your business. This can include the creation of effective implementation road-maps that provide direction for the organisation over the next 1, 2 or 3 years.

Business cases

Creating financially and strategically sound business cases to put hard returns to the customer retention strategies that you can take to your CEO and CFO.

Our customers consistently say that our business cases are the easiest they ever had approved.

Implementation planning

Create a prioritized implementation plan that focuses first on quick wins: we’re not happy unless we can show you bankable results in three months. We then help you to layer in the longer term strategies to keep the benefits building over 12-24 months.

Free Tool: Return on Retention Estimator

One of the challenges that our customers often give us is to justify investment in Customer Retention, i.e. how much should I spend to keep my existing customers. We have simplified one of our advanced ROI tools to estimate Profit Improvement with just four pieces of company information.

Download: Return on Retention Estimator / Customer Lifetime Value Estimator

“…We brought Adam into a business project that was not delivering as expected with stakeholders from individual lines of business dissatisfied with key project deliverables. I cannot speak highly enough of Adam’s expertise in customer retention as he managed to assess, conceptualise and document our strategic plan simply and also effectively brought all key stakeholders together to deliver it for our business!”

Kellie Shewring, then Head of Customer Retention, Bankwest

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