How to calculate Margin of Error and other stats for NPS®

Your boss walks in with a chart of the last 12 months of transactional Net Promoter® survey results and he’s not happy!

The score went down last month and he want’s to know why. Looks like you’ll have to hunt around to find a reason for the change; or will you?

Just because your survey score has gone down, or up, doesn’t mean that there has actually been a change in the overall business NPS. It might just be a fluke of the sample you have collected. The change might be within the Margin of Error. [Read more…]

Case study: nib health fund’s Successful Net Promoter Score® Implementation

Over the last 12 months, Genroe has been privileged to work with nib health funds (one of Australia’s fastest growing health funds) to help them evolve their Net Promoter Score processes. In that time, we helped them implement CustomerGauge, an end to end, integrated, Net Promoter Score data collection, reporting, analysis and action system.

In the past, nib has allowed us to publish insightful information in two blog posts:

Now, the full story behind the successful NPS implementation process has been captured in a new case study: nib health funds: Checking Up On Customer Loyalty.

In this case study, nib offers more insights into the changes they have made using NPS insights: [Read more…]

Is your company too hard to deal with: how do you know?

It always amazes me the trouble companies go to secure new customers and then just throw them into a bucket labelled “Customer”, never looking at them again.

Well that bucket has a lot of leaks and companies are themselves the ones hammering in the holes. Many times you can improve customer retention by just plugging a few of those holes. Here is a recent case in point. [Read more…]

Customer Loyalty Surveys: Do you include all 3 critical elements?

The starting point when designing customer loyalty feedback programs should be understanding what your customers care about and how well you are meeting their expectations. Unfortunately, many attempts at customer loyalty surveys fail to include all three critical elements required to collect that understanding and so fail to provide useful information to the business.

By not including all three critical elements the results of many customer loyalty surveys are worthless. Don’t get me wrong, the results are often interesting but ultimately worthless because you get results but have no idea what to do with them. [Read more…]