Mystery shopping or Transactional surveys: Which is better?

Mystery shopping has been with us for many years. And recently, a new way to measure the customer experience has become popular: transactional customer surveys.

Transactional surveys, such as transactional Net Promoter Score® surveys, have only become practical in the last few years.  This style of survey collects customer views and perceptions via a short survey instrument just after the customer has passed through a key business touch-point. [Read more…]

Are you stuck on the delight the customer merry-go-round?

I’ve always considered that the delight the customer approach to customer loyalty and retention was a little misguided.  It’s not so much that a delighted customer is not a good thing to have.  It is.  We’ve all heard stories of the sales rep who goes above and beyond the call of duty and generates a very loyal customer.

The problem is how to put this idea into a repeatable process for the organisation.  Exhorting staff to delight the customer is not a very repeatable nor trackable process.

So I was delighted, no pun intended, when “Stop trying to delight your customers” was published by the Harvard Business Review.  The authors have investigated what keeps a customer and have discovered that making it easy for customers builds more loyalty than delighting them.  This resonated with me and probably anyone else who walks up to their “usual” coffee shop knowing that the guy or gal behind the counter knows your order and has already started making it.

In particular, the authors identified two critical findings in their paper: [Read more…]

Is this the wrong way to use social media as a service channel?

It is clear that leading brands are using Twitter and other social media channels to deliver reactive service to their customers.

Probably the best known of these is BestBuy with their @twelpforce Twitter account.  Staff at the computer chain use their Twitter accounts to answer questions from customers all over the country. [Read more…]

Comcast and Amex invest in Customer Service

Customer service is  being seen by the big players as a key growth driver according to this recent Wall Street Journal article.

The article reports on an Accenture study that shows that 25% of 1,405 companies surveyed will be investing in this crucial area of business before anything else as the economy grows. [Read more…]