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Protecting Customers from your Marketing

“Capturing Customers”, “Luring Customers”, “Attracting Customers” and “Keeping Customers” are all terms used daily in marketing departments.  They invoke images of carefully prepared fly patterns, practiced casts and the adrenalin of a good strike, ending with the satisfaction of a catch of the legal size, a ‘keeper’.

Many organisations view customers in the same way that the fishing industry viewed Atlantic fish stocks.

Some marketers, (not you gentle reader) allow various product managers to fish the same customer waters day in day out.  They use nets, lines, perhaps even explosives,in fact  any technique they can to catch all the fish they can for their product line. Large fish, small fish, dolphins and seals, no matter, the sheer weight of fish is all that matters, catch them and the folks in accounts or risk management can sort them out later.

But it can’t go on forever and interesting things happen as fish stocks deplete. [Read more…]

Managing Customer Loyalty: It has always been about listening and remembering

“If you strip away all the hype around how to ‘do’ relationships, you are left with one simple concept. The real essence of a relationship is simply a memory of past interactions.” [1]

Learning is at the heart of customer loyalty management and has been ever since the empirical work of Reichheld [2] (and others) in the early 1990’s showed that customer loyalty is directly related to corporate profits. Learning about customers and remembering them is central to the task of managing customer relationships.

Looking back all that way to the pre-Net Promoter Score primordial haze; Reichheld found 3 loyalty effects, each highly correlated with profitability,

Customer Loyalty Programs: 5 items for your next grease and oil change

We all know what we want from our customer loyalty programs; more, and more profitable, customers.  The trouble is that customers are notoriously fickle, changeable, arbitrary, and our lifeblood.

What worked last month may not work today.

So Loyalty Programs need regular check-ups to make sure they are still achieving their objectives – in just the same way you need to regularly check and service your high performance automobile.

In fact, I sometimes think all Marketing professionals should drive old exotic sports cars, to get a feel for how much tinkering is required to keep relationship marketing initiatives on the road!

So here are five things you should check when you raise the hood of your Customer Loyalty Program: [Read more…]

An introduction to Customer Life Time Value (LTV) and Loyalty Marketing for SMEs

We recently participated in a written interview for the SME magazine of one of our major Australian banks. The article was not all about us, so some of the input was edited to meet space restrictions. And we are posting the transcript here for those of you interested in Customer Lifetime Value and loyalty programs.

It is best that the original Q&A structure is retained as seen below. [Read more…]

The Buzz Insurance launch an innovative new customer loyalty program

The Australian general insurance business has become a hot house of competition, with heavy promotion by new overseas online insurers.

Intense competition can be a catalyst for innovation, and we believe that one insurer is innovating in a refreshing and effective way – by collaborating directly with customers. [Read more…]