Virtual CMO Services

A Virtual CMO helps you drive growth in your Australian SME B2B.

The B2B SME Business and Marketing Dilemma

Small and Medium B2B companies have the same complexities as big B2B companies but much fewer resources to solve them.

This is never more clear than in Marketing.

Virtual CMO

The First Problem: Budget

You need senior level strategic marketing and business experience skills, but you only have the budget to hire a junior marketing assistant.

How can they deliver the strategy and business insights you need?

The Second Problem: Candidates

If you do have enough budget, finding and keeping the right person is tough:

It’s expensive: hours of resume reviews, interviews, contract negotiations, etc.

It’s risky: hiring the wrong person is difficult to correct.

Candidates are scarce: people building their careers often don’t want to work for small companies with a limited career path.

Candidates lack experience: the people you do find lack the senior experience you need.

Candidates leave quickly: after a year or two you’re back where you started.

The Solution: A Virtual CMO

Add 30 Years of Marketing Experience For a Fraction of the Fulltime Cost and no Risk

A virtual CMO is a highly experienced marketing and business person who applies their skills to your business on a part-time basis: giving you access to high level strategic skills at SME affordable price.

Instead of making do with a junior person or becoming frustrated with finding and keeping a senior person, try a Virtual CMO.

Virtual CMOs work part time in partnership with you and your junior marketing staff to provide the strategic marketing insights, direction and support you need.

Then, when you’re large enough to hire a full-time CMO, your Virtual CMO will help you find the right person.

“We had plans for business growth but very little in place of marketing strategy and systems. We were starting from practically zero in the way of marketing expertise and systems.

The Genroe team helped us develop the strategy, systems and execution to go to market. Genroe are a very professional and supportive partner.

The methods, systems and project management practices all work well to keep the project on-track.

The Genroe team are able to adapt with changes along the journey as well which is a big plus when you are evolving your marketing strategy as you learn. Highly recommended.”

Mark Burgess, CEO/Founder
Burgess Systems Consulting

Virtual CMO Services

cx strategy

Think of your Virtual CMO not just as one person but also as access to a team of proven providers that can help you build and execute the right marketing and sales process for your business.

They can assist with:

“The reason we reached out for a partner to help our business with launching a CRM was due to simply not having the manpower to do it ourselves, as a start up you can appreciate there are only so many hours in the day!

I had a proposal which I needed to present to the CEO of our group, who without speaking with Adam or anyone at Genroe said, “How long did you guys talk this is super detailed, this is exactly what we need, go ahead”.

Dealing with Adam and the team was a pleasure, calls, Zoom, Screen shares at my request and also his opinion on how we could do things better was always welcomed.”

Michael McGeogh
One by Llama

Adam Ramshaw - your Virtual CMO

  • Former Managing Director for an Australian software company with sales globally
  • Former Global Head of Marketing for Australian communications technology company with sales globally
  • Founder and owner of a 20 year old business consultancy
  • 25+ years of experience as a SME B2B business owner and general manager
  • 30+ years of success in B2B sales and marketing
  • Thought leader in B2B sales and marketing, customer experience and customer feedback.