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We’re a HubSpot partner who work with SME B2B companies and are teaming up with them to help you uncover improvements in you HubSpot system.

In this audit we’ll review your use of the HubSpot platform and make suggestions you can implement immediately. 

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Here's how it works

First: we’ll jump on the phone to chat about what you’re looking to achieve.

Second: we’ll dive into your HubSpot system and review how your using the different components in light of your goals.

Typically we review:

  1. Setup check (e.g. email sending domain, template setup, segmentation, etc.)
  2. Content and SEO opportunities
  3. Lead capture and nurturing
  4. Sales and marketing automation
  5. Integrations advice & feedback

Lastly: we’ll run a 1 hour webinar with you to review the findings and give to some quick wins and best practices you can use to improve performance. 

Every change that we want, or any idea that we have, we can talk to Genroe and they will make it happen or do something to make it happen to the same effect.

Bernice McLeod

So, for me, it’s around the continued relationship and drive to improve our client loyalty, and just the sheer knowledge and experience in the Genroe team.

John Moss

If you are passionate about delivering a best in class customer experience then unreservedly, I recommend you partner with Genroe and CustomerGauge.

Peter Perla

The Genroe team helped us develop the strategy, systems and execution to go to market. Genroe are a very professional and supportive partner. The methods, systems and project management practices all work well to keep the project on-track.

Mark Burgess

Reports produced by Genroe are of superior quality enabling the business to critically analyse its position to ensure decision making is sound and based on best practice data.

Angela Jones-Blayney

Disclaimer: this offer is only open to Australian and New Zealand companies.

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