Michael McGough

The reason we reached out for a partner to help our business with launching a CRM was due to simply not having the manpower to do it ourselves, as a start up you can appreciate there are only so many hours in the day!

We asked Hubspot to give us 3 potential partners. Genroe not only were the most cost effective but they asked the most important questions that I needed to hear from them. Especially as I had no idea how long this would take, no how hard or complex it would be. I trusted Adam from day one.

I had a proposal which I needed to present to the CEO of our group, who without speaking with Adam or anyone at Genroe said, “How long did you guys talk this is super detailed, this is exactly what we need, go ahead”.

Dealing with Adam and the team was a pleasure, calls, Zoom, Screen shares at my request and also his opinion on how we could do things better was always welcomed.

I recommend engaging with Genroe for all things Hubspot!

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