The First Job Of Leaders: Create the Culture

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Leaders create the culture and culture produces results.
Sam Riley, CEO, ansarada

In this video software developer ansarada explains how it embeds Net Promoter® deep in into its culture to deliver solutions that customers really want.

ansarada deliver virtual data rooms specifically designed for the Mergers and Acquisitions industry. An innovative Australian software company, and BRW Fast 50 company, they are delivering customer focused solutions to clients from New York to Sydney and London.

But their success is no accident.

Since its inception, the company’s leadership team have created a culture of listening to and acting on customer feedback. So a few years ago when they decided to go down the Net Promoter path they were determined that it would be more than paying lip service to listening to customers. They would ensure customer feedback was at the core of their culture.

As an example software developers, one group that can sometimes been removed from the customer, actively use the Net Promoter feedback to refine and focus their development efforts. They want to know how to make an impact for the customer and use the customer feedback information to make design decisions that will make it easier for customers to use ansarada tools.

The result is a system so intuitive that only 0.0367% of users ever call customer service for help. This lifts customer loyalty and lowers operating costs. A double win.

Customer feedback also makes its way into developer KPIs. Where most companies report on features developed and bugs fixed, ansarada developers also report on customer feedback items addressed.

Then after changes are rolled out, Marketing close the loop with customers to let them know their feedback was listened to and acted on. This raises engagement and ensures customers are keen to provide their input; creating a virtuous circle of feedback.

Thanks to ansarada and CustomerGauge for their support in creating this case study.

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